Hi! I’m Chloe and this is my personal blog.  I am a passionate, creative, people person who is taking life one day at a time.  I drink way more coffee than any person ever should, want to adopt every animal I cross, read books like my life depends on it, love anything that involves the outdoors, am an absolute food fiend, love traveling, and am a firm believer that life is something to dive into not something to wait to crash into you.  I attended a private school in McKinney, Texas my whole life, graduating with 27, before making the decision to attend Oklahoma State University where I became a very little fish in a very big pond…and I could not love it more!  I am a member of  Alpha Chi Omega and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications.  Things that make me, me: my family, friends, music, art, and books.  I am an only child so my parents are my absolute everything and without them I would not be who I am today.  My dream is to someday work for a publishing company so I can combine my work with something that I have loved my whole life.   In a nutshell, I’m just a girl figuring out who I want to be, making mistakes as I go, meeting new people along the way, learning new lessons everyday, and making even the bad days, days to remember.  Join me on my journey.



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