Media Diet

1. Pinterest

I enjoy this site because it allows me to browse through multiple interests/categories/ideas all in one place.  I am a very creative person and this site is really helpful in providing lots of examples and inspiring ideas for future projects.

2. Yahoo

I visit this site frequently because it is a great place for me to see the latest news.  I also like yahoo because the news stories that the site provides are a good mixture of national, human interest, sports, entertainment, etc. so that readers get a broad spectrum of information.

3. Pinteresttoldmeto

I like this blog because not only is the blogger hilarious and entertaining to read but she is also super helpful.  This blog is dedicated to taking inspiration from outfits shown on interest and recreating them from items in your own closet.  This blog has completely made me see my wardrobe in a whole new way, really maximizing on what I already have!  The weekly bachelor/bachelorette recaps are also super fun to read.

4. Mix and Match Family

Of any blogs this is the one that I am most devoted to.  I absolutely cannot get enough of this sweet mama’s advice, stories, recaps, etc.  Her blog series 50 shades of Shay is awesome.  You name it she probably has a blog post about.  Did I mention that her brother is the bachelor Sean???  Love this lady and all the fun things that she has to share with her readers.



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